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Defeating the Early Afternoon Energy Drain!

geojono says:
Here's something that's helped me with my ever-growing task list and my ever-decreasing energy levels. When my energy level or attention is waning during the day, I try to tackle tasks that are quick and easy or tasks that require less brain power. This accomplishes a couple of things for me.

1. It allows me to maintain productivity by continuing to get things done instead of resorting to the brainless time-wasters I tend to go to when I get tired, especially in the afternoons.
2. It seems to re-energize me when I can check off several items in quick succession, so I can get back to the larger tasks afterward.

Here's how I do that with RTM:

Whenever I add a task (single or recurring) that might be described as quick, easy, or brainless, I add the "quick" tag to it. Some of these items are recurring items, some of them I've emailed in, and some of them are added manually.

I then use a Smart List called "Quick" that includes all of my tasks that are tagged "quick" [tag:quick].

Bonus: If you already use a Smart List for tasks you want to focus on today, you can adjust your "Quick" Smart List to include all of the tasks tagged "quick" that are on your "Tasks for Today" Smart List.

That would look like this, for example:
list:"Tasks for Today" and tag:quick

I hope this is helpful to others who, like me, struggle with the early afternoon decline in energy and focus.
Posted at 3:22pm on September 26, 2018
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Smart and easy tip, bet you'll be a Tuesday winner soon!
Posted 2 years ago
geojono says:
Thanks, Raymond!
Posted 2 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi geojono,

Awesome tip for mindless tasks! :) You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account.

(And Raymond, you're correct as always ;)
Posted 2 years ago
geojono says:
Wow! Thanks, emily!
Posted 2 years ago
quam says:
Easy and effective. Thanks @geojono!
Posted 2 years ago
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