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Climbing Everest

macness says:
I’m a busy guy. I have an ambitious to do list every day. Usually slightly overloaded but not impossible if I put my mind to it. I use the “Today” feature aggressively on my RTM iOS App and the RTM MacOS app.

One of my favorite things to do is really get my 15-20 tasks of varying complexity down to 2, 1, or even 0. I try very hard not to postpone tasks so that I don’t lose focus of items. However there are always a few “optional tasks” always looming about without a date.

At first, I created a smart list for them called “No Due Date” (for you power users — due:never). I started to realize that it made me feel like those tasks weren’t important. So I decided to something more fun.

I needed a reason to do those tasks. So now when I get to zero tasks for the day, it does make me feel good. But now I crave Extra Credit. So I created a tag called “Everest” and assigned it to those those tasks. But I didn’t stop there! I also tagged items Everest that were in the future, but could use me being proactive. Now I keep climbing my own Everest whenever I think my day is done.
Posted at 10:00pm on August 16, 2018
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi macness,

Awesome tip! You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)
Posted 2 years ago
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