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Moving to New Apartment

radmoose says:
I recently moved to a new apartment on my own, so as I remembered things I would need (like utensils, and cleaning supplies) I would add them to a list tagged for the new apartment,

This allows me to make sure I get the things I need as well as check what I have gotten, so I don't double buy.

Stuff like "Shower Curtain" that I only seemed to remember at 1am was easily added via my phone. "Kitchen Towels" added via the trip on the light rail.

Then when I was at a store, I would just bring the list up and check off what I can.

Haven't checked off the "Lifesized Moose" yet, however.
Posted at 4:18pm on July 30, 2018
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi radmoose,

Great tip! You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account.

Good luck finding that lifesized moose to complete your home! :)
Posted 5 months ago
mmoore100 says:
I have a similar list for moving. I have MovePrep, a MoveActual, and MovePost lists. I also have a MoveJettison list, which could actually be a sublist of MovePrep, but for now I'll keep it separate.

I'm downsizing from a house in the suburbs to something smaller closer to a city.

MovePrep is for the things I need to get the house ready for sale, change-of-address tasks, finding a new place, hiring a mover, scheduling utility service, and so on.

MoveActual is for the things I need to do on the day of the move, which I won't know until I sign the contract with the mover, and tips from friends who have been through this recently.

MovePost is for the things I need to do once we're at the new address. Do I need to find a new doctor, new dentist? Get a library card?

MoveJettison is for the things I want to get rid of (jettison) just before the move, but can't do ahead of time. For example, I can't get rid of the snow shovels until I know we're set to move to either a warmer clime or a place where someone else takes care of those things.
Posted 11 weeks ago
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