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Inexpensive Office: Creating, editing and managing documents using RTM, Dropbox and Google Docs

dougbrown77 says:
Inexpensive Office: Creating, editing and managing documents using RTM, Dropbox and Google Docs

RTM recently added attachment support to their service. I have found this new addition very helpful. It is now possible to create, edit and manage documents very inexpensively.

I am writing this tip using a refurbished Acer Chromebook that has a 1080p screen and 32 gig of storage. Recent updates to the Chrome software have made it possible to install Android apps. I was pleased to find that this Chromebook quickly discovered my local printer and is now setup to print.

I have the following setup on RTM:

I have setup a smartlist that automatically searches for all tasks that have an attachment: (I added a smartlist and called it “tasks with attachments”. I then chose the menu that says add other criteria. I then chose “has attachments”. I also have the smartlist sorted newest to oldest.

I can now create tasks with documents attached and they will show up in the “tasks with attachments” smartlist. I also can add criteria such as date, tag, location, etc to facitilate document management.

I created two separate tasks and did so to establish a link to Dropbox and Google Docs with RTM

Here are the instructions from RTM:
If your file already exists in Dropbox or Google Drive:
1. In your task list, tap on the task you wish to attach a file to.
2. Tap the + icon at the the bottom right, then tap Attachment.
3. Under 'Choose existing from...', tap the Dropbox or Google Drive account that has your file. (Note: If you haven't already connected Remember The Milk to your cloud storage, you'll be prompted to do so at this point.)
4. Select the existing file you want to attach.

Dropbox offers a choice to open and edit Microsoft Word documents in Microsoft Word Online. I have noticed that Dropbox and Microsoft do not require a subscription of any kind if you open the Word document from within Dropbox.

Docs also allows a similar level of service.

Documents created and edited in this manner will be fully updated and ready to be used in a desktop, tablet or smartphone environment.

So it is very possible to create, edit, and manage office related documents using an inexpensive Chromebook and annual RTM Pro subscription.

Posted at 10:21pm on May 9, 2018
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