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Beautiful lists ● / ●●● / ◌ / ◌◌◌

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Hi! I am an active RTM user and I am very pleased. I find this service the best in GTD philosophy. Want to share the secret of efficient use of RTM.

Create four lists with beautiful symbols:



● / dueBefore:tomorrow / - all tasks that have lines that need to be completed today, including overdue ones.

●●● / dueWithin:"32 day of tomorrow" / - all tasks that have lines that need to be completed within thirty-two days.

◌ / not list:● and not list:●●● and startBefore:Today / -tasks that have a start date, they are already running and they are not included in the list ● and ●●●

◌◌◌ / not list:●●● AND NOT list:● AND (start:Today OR startWithin:"32 day of Today")/ - tasks that have a start date, they start tomorrow or later, and tasks that have a due date, but that are more than thirty days.

As a result, we always see tasks with a deadline and do not distract from the optional cases (lists ● and ●●●)

And if we do not want to lose sight of the additional cases or cases which have a period of more than 32 days look at other lists (lists ◌ and ◌◌◌).
Everything is beautiful, concise and under control)))
Posted at 1:42pm on April 12, 2018
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