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ademoor says:
For years, I have been experimenting with various approaches and tools to task management. After a long journey, I have decided to settle on the Getting Things Done methodology in combination with RTM.

Quite a bit has been said about the "best way" of implementing GTD in RTM. It's fascinating to see how many innovative ways there are to use the same RTM functionalities. I have looked at all the discussions on this forum and checked further on the Web, and finally come up with an approach that seems to work for me:

I would be interested to hear your comments for further improvement. Regards, Aldo
Posted at 11:30am on June 12, 2007
tvjames says:
The biggest request I've seen on here is the ability to define a start/show date on repeating items so that you don't end up with a really long list of things that it's not time to do yet and you don't have to keep moving stuff from folder to folder.
Posted 10 years ago
kyle.olbert says:
I'd have to second that request!
Posted 10 years ago
bjornkri says:
I have a simple system: my lists are Inbox, Action, Maybe/Someday, Projects, To Read, Waiting For and Sent.

My tasks are tagged based on context: calls, computer, errands, home, work.

Further I have saved searches for the next actions, all identical except for the tag: "tag: and list:actions"

And that's it. I've added some extra 'cool' functionality, but then keep reminding myself that I don't need the extra complexity (because that's usually all it adds.) Locations? Too much work. Due date? Use Google Calendar (that solves the problem mentioned above). Extra tags for people/energy/mood/project/whatever? Too much mental load.

So I keep reverting back to the basic system I started with.

Of course it would be nice to be able to filter it down to tasks I can do while at the computer in the café sitting next to Bob and not feeling very full of energy, but I can do that kind of processing in my head. 'At the computer' is enough context for me, and I can quickly see what's applicable/what I feel like doing and what isn't/I don't.
Posted 10 years ago
bjornkri says:
That should have been "tag:[tag] and list:actions".

Guess the 'html' was stripped out :) (replace [tag] with appropriate tag)
Posted 10 years ago
ian.humph says:
I use a similar system to Bjornkri except that each project has its own list. This makes it easier to verify that each project has at least one next action. The only problem I have with this is creating and deleting lists as I have to go to the configuration screen to do this.
Posted 10 years ago
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