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Weekend Tasks in one list

quam says:
During the week managing tasks for me is mostly on a day to day base. But on weekends, time uses to slip away easily. Therefore I made a weekend task list, to get a quick overview, what will be coming up and what I want to do.

Just create a smart list with the following filter: (due:Saturday OR due:Sunday OR due:Friday) AND dueWithin:"6 days of today"

The six days condition is useful to select only tasks for the upcoming weekend.

Options: You can select just Saturday and Sunday or whatever free days you got. If you just want to display tasks of specific lists, add something like "AND (list:List1 OR list:List2 OR list:List3 ... )"

Feel free to contribute suggestions.

Have a nice weekend!
Posted at 11:09pm on March 23, 2018
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
This one is tricky. When you search for due:Saturday, Saturday is always the upcoming Saturday, 1-7 days from now. It's never today if today is Saturday.

This means that the search above works fine on Thursday (and possibly Friday) but on Saturday it only shows tasks due Sunday. And on Sunday, you'll only see tasks due next weekend (Friday+Saturday).

The current search operators do not really make it possible to have perfect weekend lists as what Saturday refers to changes during the weekend.
Posted 6 weeks ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi quam, interesting idea! You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)

Raymond is correct, this will only work to see tasks that are due on an upcoming weekend day. I'm also stumped on coming up with search criteria that will both work for seeing an upcoming weekend's tasks as well as the tasks once you're looking at the Smart List on the weekend. (A free year of Pro to anyone who can come up with a solution using the current search operators! :)

I think you could do something like -

(due:Today OR due:Sunday) AND dueWithin:"6 days of today"

- for a Smart List that would work if you looked at it only on either Saturday or Sunday, but it won't give you the upcoming weekend due to the use of due:Today

Interested if anyone else has ideas. :)
Posted 6 weeks ago
hugohomemmacedo says:
This is really tricky because I think there is no way to do it just with one search. The Emily's suggestion, for example, will work on Wednesdays and will return today's tasks, even if it is not a weekend. I tried some other ways but every search criteria bugs the other one, so I agree with Raymond. I’m sorry to disappoint you, quam. :)
Posted 6 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Emily, this was actually solved in javascript some time ago, you could find it in the forum

function dateToString(date){ return date.getFullYear() + '-' + (date.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + date.getDate();};
startDateRange = new Date();
startDateRange.setDate(startDateRange.getDate() + (4 - ((startDateRange.getDay() + 6) % 7)));
endDateRange = new Date();
endDateRange.setDate(startDateRange.getDate() + 3);
searchStr = 'dueAfter:"' + dateToString(startDateRange) + ' 23:00" and dueBefore:' + dateToString(endDateRange) + ' and not list:¤Z';
document.getElementById("listFilter").value = searchStr;
startDateRange = null;
endDateRange = null;

Unfortunately, this does not work in the updated version of RTM.

Actually, this question has been around for over 9 years (time flies ;-) including giant search expression.
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
New giant search expressions, save each as a smart list (weekend2018 etc) and then make a smart list weekend=weekend2018 OR weekend2019 OR weekend2020 etc.
due:2018-01-06 OR due:2018-01-07 OR due:2018-01-13 OR due:2018-01-14 OR due:2018-01-20 OR due:2018-01-21 OR due:2018-01-27 OR due:2018-01-28 OR due:2018-02-03 OR due:2018-02-04 OR due:2018-02-10 OR due:2018-02-11 OR due:2018-02-17 OR due:2018-02-18 OR due:2018-02-24 OR due:2018-02-25 OR due:2018-03-03 OR due:2018-03-04 OR due:2018-03-10 OR due:2018-03-11 OR due:2018-03-17 OR due:2018-03-18 OR due:2018-03-24 OR due:2018-03-25 OR due:2018-03-31 OR due:2018-04-01 OR due:2018-04-07 OR due:2018-04-08 OR due:2018-04-14 OR due:2018-04-15 OR due:2018-04-21 OR due:2018-04-22 OR due:2018-04-28 OR due:2018-04-29 OR due:2018-05-05 OR due:2018-05-06 OR due:2018-05-12 OR due:2018-05-13 OR due:2018-05-19 OR due:2018-05-20 OR due:2018-05-26 OR due:2018-05-27 OR due:2018-06-02 OR due:2018-06-03 OR due:2018-06-09 OR due:2018-06-10 OR due:2018-06-16 OR due:2018-06-17 OR due:2018-06-23 OR due:2018-06-24 OR due:2018-06-30 OR due:2018-07-01 OR due:2018-07-07 OR due:2018-07-08 OR due:2018-07-14 OR due:2018-07-15 OR due:2018-07-21 OR due:2018-07-22 OR due:2018-07-28 OR due:2018-07-29 OR due:2018-08-04 OR due:2018-08-05 OR due:2018-08-11 OR due:2018-08-12 OR due:2018-08-18 OR due:2018-08-19 OR due:2018-08-25 OR due:2018-08-26 OR due:2018-09-01 OR due:2018-09-02 OR due:2018-09-08 OR due:2018-09-09 OR due:2018-09-15 OR due:2018-09-16 OR due:2018-09-22 OR due:2018-09-23 OR due:2018-09-29 OR due:2018-09-30 OR due:2018-10-06 OR due:2018-10-07 OR due:2018-10-13 OR due:2018-10-14 OR due:2018-10-20 OR due:2018-10-21 OR due:2018-10-27 OR due:2018-10-28 OR due:2018-11-03 OR due:2018-11-04 OR due:2018-11-10 OR due:2018-11-11 OR due:2018-11-17 OR due:2018-11-18 OR due:2018-11-24 OR due:2018-11-25 OR due:2018-12-01 OR due:2018-12-02 OR due:2018-12-08 OR due:2018-12-09 OR due:2018-12-15 OR due:2018-12-16 OR due:2018-12-22 OR due:2018-12-23 OR due:2018-12-29 OR due:2018-12-30

Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
due:2019-01-05 OR due:2019-01-06 OR due:2019-01-12 OR due:2019-01-13 OR due:2019-01-19 OR due:2019-01-20 OR due:2019-01-26 OR due:2019-01-27 OR due:2019-02-02 OR due:2019-02-03 OR due:2019-02-09 OR due:2019-02-10 OR due:2019-02-16 OR due:2019-02-17 OR due:2019-02-23 OR due:2019-02-24 OR due:2019-03-02 OR due:2019-03-03 OR due:2019-03-09 OR due:2019-03-10 OR due:2019-03-16 OR due:2019-03-17 OR due:2019-03-23 OR due:2019-03-24 OR due:2019-03-30 OR due:2019-03-31 OR due:2019-04-06 OR due:2019-04-07 OR due:2019-04-13 OR due:2019-04-14 OR due:2019-04-20 OR due:2019-04-21 OR due:2019-04-27 OR due:2019-04-28 OR due:2019-05-04 OR due:2019-05-05 OR due:2019-05-11 OR due:2019-05-12 OR due:2019-05-18 OR due:2019-05-19 OR due:2019-05-25 OR due:2019-05-26 OR due:2019-06-01 OR due:2019-06-02 OR due:2019-06-08 OR due:2019-06-09 OR due:2019-06-15 OR due:2019-06-16 OR due:2019-06-22 OR due:2019-06-23 OR due:2019-06-29 OR due:2019-06-30 OR due:2019-07-06 OR due:2019-07-07 OR due:2019-07-13 OR due:2019-07-14 OR due:2019-07-20 OR due:2019-07-21 OR due:2019-07-27 OR due:2019-07-28 OR due:2019-08-03 OR due:2019-08-04 OR due:2019-08-10 OR due:2019-08-11 OR due:2019-08-17 OR due:2019-08-18 OR due:2019-08-24 OR due:2019-08-25 OR due:2019-08-31 OR due:2019-09-01 OR due:2019-09-07 OR due:2019-09-08 OR due:2019-09-14 OR due:2019-09-15 OR due:2019-09-21 OR due:2019-09-22 OR due:2019-09-28 OR due:2019-09-29 OR due:2019-10-05 OR due:2019-10-06 OR due:2019-10-12 OR due:2019-10-13 OR due:2019-10-19 OR due:2019-10-20 OR due:2019-10-26 OR due:2019-10-27 OR due:2019-11-02 OR due:2019-11-03 OR due:2019-11-09 OR due:2019-11-10 OR due:2019-11-16 OR due:2019-11-17 OR due:2019-11-23 OR due:2019-11-24 OR due:2019-11-30 OR due:2019-12-01 OR due:2019-12-07 OR due:2019-12-08 OR due:2019-12-14 OR due:2019-12-15 OR due:2019-12-21 OR due:2019-12-22 OR due:2019-12-28 OR due:2019-12-29
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
due:2020-01-04 OR due:2020-01-05 OR due:2020-01-11 OR due:2020-01-12 OR due:2020-01-18 OR due:2020-01-19 OR due:2020-01-25 OR due:2020-01-26 OR due:2020-02-01 OR due:2020-02-02 OR due:2020-02-08 OR due:2020-02-09 OR due:2020-02-15 OR due:2020-02-16 OR due:2020-02-22 OR due:2020-02-23 OR due:2020-02-29 OR due:2020-03-01 OR due:2020-03-07 OR due:2020-03-08 OR due:2020-03-14 OR due:2020-03-15 OR due:2020-03-21 OR due:2020-03-22 OR due:2020-03-28 OR due:2020-03-29 OR due:2020-04-04 OR due:2020-04-05 OR due:2020-04-11 OR due:2020-04-12 OR due:2020-04-18 OR due:2020-04-19 OR due:2020-04-25 OR due:2020-04-26 OR due:2020-05-02 OR due:2020-05-03 OR due:2020-05-09 OR due:2020-05-10 OR due:2020-05-16 OR due:2020-05-17 OR due:2020-05-23 OR due:2020-05-24 OR due:2020-05-30 OR due:2020-05-31 OR due:2020-06-06 OR due:2020-06-07 OR due:2020-06-13 OR due:2020-06-14 OR due:2020-06-20 OR due:2020-06-21 OR due:2020-06-27 OR due:2020-06-28 OR due:2020-07-04 OR due:2020-07-05 OR due:2020-07-11 OR due:2020-07-12 OR due:2020-07-18 OR due:2020-07-19 OR due:2020-07-25 OR due:2020-07-26 OR due:2020-08-01 OR due:2020-08-02 OR due:2020-08-08 OR due:2020-08-09 OR due:2020-08-15 OR due:2020-08-16 OR due:2020-08-22 OR due:2020-08-23 OR due:2020-08-29 OR due:2020-08-30 OR due:2020-09-05 OR due:2020-09-06 OR due:2020-09-12 OR due:2020-09-13 OR due:2020-09-19 OR due:2020-09-20 OR due:2020-09-26 OR due:2020-09-27 OR due:2020-10-03 OR due:2020-10-04 OR due:2020-10-10 OR due:2020-10-11 OR due:2020-10-17 OR due:2020-10-18 OR due:2020-10-24 OR due:2020-10-25 OR due:2020-10-31 OR due:2020-11-01 OR due:2020-11-07 OR due:2020-11-08 OR due:2020-11-14 OR due:2020-11-15 OR due:2020-11-21 OR due:2020-11-22 OR due:2020-11-28 OR due:2020-11-29 OR due:2020-12-05 OR due:2020-12-06 OR due:2020-12-12 OR due:2020-12-13 OR due:2020-12-19 OR due:2020-12-20 OR due:2020-12-26 OR due:2020-12-27
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
due:2021-01-02 OR due:2021-01-03 OR due:2021-01-09 OR due:2021-01-10 OR due:2021-01-16 OR due:2021-01-17 OR due:2021-01-23 OR due:2021-01-24 OR due:2021-01-30 OR due:2021-01-31 OR due:2021-02-06 OR due:2021-02-07 OR due:2021-02-13 OR due:2021-02-14 OR due:2021-02-20 OR due:2021-02-21 OR due:2021-02-27 OR due:2021-02-28 OR due:2021-03-06 OR due:2021-03-07 OR due:2021-03-13 OR due:2021-03-14 OR due:2021-03-20 OR due:2021-03-21 OR due:2021-03-27 OR due:2021-03-28 OR due:2021-04-03 OR due:2021-04-04 OR due:2021-04-10 OR due:2021-04-11 OR due:2021-04-17 OR due:2021-04-18 OR due:2021-04-24 OR due:2021-04-25 OR due:2021-05-01 OR due:2021-05-02 OR due:2021-05-08 OR due:2021-05-09 OR due:2021-05-15 OR due:2021-05-16 OR due:2021-05-22 OR due:2021-05-23 OR due:2021-05-29 OR due:2021-05-30 OR due:2021-06-05 OR due:2021-06-06 OR due:2021-06-12 OR due:2021-06-13 OR due:2021-06-19 OR due:2021-06-20 OR due:2021-06-26 OR due:2021-06-27 OR due:2021-07-03 OR due:2021-07-04 OR due:2021-07-10 OR due:2021-07-11 OR due:2021-07-17 OR due:2021-07-18 OR due:2021-07-24 OR due:2021-07-25 OR due:2021-07-31 OR due:2021-08-01 OR due:2021-08-07 OR due:2021-08-08 OR due:2021-08-14 OR due:2021-08-15 OR due:2021-08-21 OR due:2021-08-22 OR due:2021-08-28 OR due:2021-08-29 OR due:2021-09-04 OR due:2021-09-05 OR due:2021-09-11 OR due:2021-09-12 OR due:2021-09-18 OR due:2021-09-19 OR due:2021-09-25 OR due:2021-09-26 OR due:2021-10-02 OR due:2021-10-03 OR due:2021-10-09 OR due:2021-10-10 OR due:2021-10-16 OR due:2021-10-17 OR due:2021-10-23 OR due:2021-10-24 OR due:2021-10-30 OR due:2021-10-31 OR due:2021-11-06 OR due:2021-11-07 OR due:2021-11-13 OR due:2021-11-14 OR due:2021-11-20 OR due:2021-11-21 OR due:2021-11-27 OR due:2021-11-28 OR due:2021-12-04 OR due:2021-12-05 OR due:2021-12-11 OR due:2021-12-12 OR due:2021-12-18 OR due:2021-12-19 OR due:2021-12-25 OR due:2021-12-26
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
due:2022-01-01 OR due:2022-01-02 OR due:2022-01-08 OR due:2022-01-09 OR due:2022-01-15 OR due:2022-01-16 OR due:2022-01-22 OR due:2022-01-23 OR due:2022-01-29 OR due:2022-01-30 OR due:2022-02-05 OR due:2022-02-06 OR due:2022-02-12 OR due:2022-02-13 OR due:2022-02-19 OR due:2022-02-20 OR due:2022-02-26 OR due:2022-02-27 OR due:2022-03-05 OR due:2022-03-06 OR due:2022-03-12 OR due:2022-03-13 OR due:2022-03-19 OR due:2022-03-20 OR due:2022-03-26 OR due:2022-03-27 OR due:2022-04-02 OR due:2022-04-03 OR due:2022-04-09 OR due:2022-04-10 OR due:2022-04-16 OR due:2022-04-17 OR due:2022-04-23 OR due:2022-04-24 OR due:2022-04-30 OR due:2022-05-01 OR due:2022-05-07 OR due:2022-05-08 OR due:2022-05-14 OR due:2022-05-15 OR due:2022-05-21 OR due:2022-05-22 OR due:2022-05-28 OR due:2022-05-29 OR due:2022-06-04 OR due:2022-06-05 OR due:2022-06-11 OR due:2022-06-12 OR due:2022-06-18 OR due:2022-06-19 OR due:2022-06-25 OR due:2022-06-26 OR due:2022-07-02 OR due:2022-07-03 OR due:2022-07-09 OR due:2022-07-10 OR due:2022-07-16 OR due:2022-07-17 OR due:2022-07-23 OR due:2022-07-24 OR due:2022-07-30 OR due:2022-07-31 OR due:2022-08-06 OR due:2022-08-07 OR due:2022-08-13 OR due:2022-08-14 OR due:2022-08-20 OR due:2022-08-21 OR due:2022-08-27 OR due:2022-08-28 OR due:2022-09-03 OR due:2022-09-04 OR due:2022-09-10 OR due:2022-09-11 OR due:2022-09-17 OR due:2022-09-18 OR due:2022-09-24 OR due:2022-09-25 OR due:2022-10-01 OR due:2022-10-02 OR due:2022-10-08 OR due:2022-10-09 OR due:2022-10-15 OR due:2022-10-16 OR due:2022-10-22 OR due:2022-10-23 OR due:2022-10-29 OR due:2022-10-30 OR due:2022-11-05 OR due:2022-11-06 OR due:2022-11-12 OR due:2022-11-13 OR due:2022-11-19 OR due:2022-11-20 OR due:2022-11-26 OR due:2022-11-27 OR due:2022-12-03 OR due:2022-12-04 OR due:2022-12-10 OR due:2022-12-11 OR due:2022-12-17 OR due:2022-12-18 OR due:2022-12-24 OR due:2022-12-25 OR due:2022-12-31
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Maybe I should mention that this assumes that weekends=Saturday+Sunday.
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
And also that this will show all your weekend tasks, not only this weekend.
If you add dueWithin:"7 days" and reverse sort, your tasks for the weekend will show up at the top.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to make a filter in the past, dueAfter:"-7 days" does not work.
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Finally, small error above.
The weekend smart list should be
weekend=list:weekend2018 OR list:weekend2019 OR list:weekend2020 OR list:weekend2021 OR list:weekend2022
Posted 5 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
I meant to say dueBefore:"7 days", otherwise it will not show Saturday tasks on Sunday (when Saturday is yesterday).
Posted 5 weeks ago
davidep11 says:
You're a champ, Raymond! I've been beating my head against the wall for weeks trying to come up with an elegant way to construct this weekend query, only to come to the same conclusion that hard-coding weekend dates is the only option. I took it a half-step further by developing a Google Doc to quickly construct the query for any 52-week period:

Devs: echoing other suggestions in these threads, I suggest you put some effort towards adding additional query operators related to dates, such as due:"a Sunday", or due:"this Sunday" (to include today if a Sunday), or dueWithin:"-1 day of Monday". I feel like there must be so many users who would benefit from these, as an alternative to hard-coding as the only option. Regardless of this gap, RTM rocks and thank you for everything you do!
Posted 3 weeks ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Davidep11, thanks! I agree with you on adding additional search operators. Just by allowing negative days/weeks (dueBefore:"-2 days" for example), making smarter smart lists would be easier.
Posted 19 days ago
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