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Easily find tasks that have disappeared from a Smart List after updating them

martingchapman says:
Often when you change a tasks parameters they will disappear from the Smart List you are viewing (because they no longer fit the Smart List criteria).
For a few seconds you get the option to open the task or undo the action by clicking in the yellow box that appears, but if you miss this then you have to go find the task again by looking through your lists or using the search box.

So I suggest you create a new Smart List called "Updated Today" with the following criteria;
Updated date - is - Today

Then, when the task disappears from view, simply click on the "Updated Today" smart list and you will see all the tasks you have updated today.

This will also be useful if you complete a task in error, or change your mind later in the day, you just need to click on the "Updated Today" smart list and select "Completed" at the top of the list.
Posted at 10:40am on January 27, 2018
rdurdyyew says:
I think these kind of essential smart lists should be built in in RTM for every body to use.
Posted 2 years ago
javalion says:
This is a great idea. Just to build on it, after creating the smart list - change the sort option to advanced / updated date descending. That way the item that you updated last is at the top.
Posted 2 years ago
martingchapman says:
@javalion - good tip, thanks - Martin.
Posted 2 years ago
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