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Toggl button

grant_bailey says:
I have been having issues using the Toggl button with RTM (see as a means of recording the time spent on my tasks.
Is anyone able to provide advice on best practice since there is not much on the Toggl site. The button currently works in Firefox (57) but not Google Chrome (63).
In Firefox I have found that the timer accurately records the time spent on a task but does not always match the task with the equivalent Toggl project, even if the name of the task and the name of the project are the same.
Thank you.
Posted at 11:44am on January 17, 2018
aviskase says:
Hi! For Chrome --- you should try Toggl extension with version 1.9.0 . Button works in this version. Unfortunately there is some weird behavior, for example, button isn't visible in smart lists. Ordinary lists and Inbox work fine.
I'm still trying to investigate it. There is an issue on github , maybe Toggl team or someone from community will solve this mystery.
Posted 3 years ago
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