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Categorizing tasks added through Siri

cnolsen says:
I'm totally addicted to adding tasks using Siri - while I'm driving, when I'm rushing around the house right before I have to leave, or any other time that I don't want to take the extra time and brain power that it requires to type up a task. The trouble with this is that I can't add tags, notes, priorities, or anything else for which I would use Smart Add if I were typing, so I end up with a whole bunch of gray tasks that are missing the info that would sort them into the relevant smart lists. Additionally, I don't like to clog up my today list with stuff that isn't actually due today, so my default due date is never, which means these bland tasks will never automatically show up without me looking for them.

To fix this, I added a smart list that I call Triage, for which I use the criteria "isTagged:false AND list:inbox". I'm a compulsive tagger so this works for me, but you could also list a different criteria if you always add start dates or locations (for example) when categorizing tasks. This way when I'm trying to focus on stuff that I really need to do today, I'm not distracted, but I can check this list every day or two to make sure that my Siri tasks don't get lost in the shuffle of everything else.
Posted at 9:53am on November 17, 2017
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