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Daily Reading Habits for Blogs, Papers, Books, etc

jackiey99 says:
I often come across some nice blogs that I want to read at a later time so that I won't get distracted at work. I used to bookmark them using Pocket, but I almost always forgot to check back those articles. Besides, I want to develop a habit of reading at least one research paper in machine learning and data mining, and some pages of books. So I create some lists, "Blog" list for the insightful blogs I want to read later, "Papers" list for the research paper that I want to read and the "Book" list for the books I want to read. I would assign due dates to those reading tasks and a "reading" tag. Then I create a smart list called "Daily Reading" with the following simple query:

tag:reading AND due:today

All the reading tasks that I want to do today would appear in the "Daily Reading" smart list. I usually clear out these daily readings at my night reading time.
Posted at 5:13am on November 14, 2017
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