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Simple way to link a file/photo/scan to a task

nodonovan says:
Dropping something off at the dry cleaners or something for repair? Want to make a note to collect it again and use the collection paper slip with your task? Simple.
Add a new task "Collect dry cleaning" dated for whenever you want to collect it.
Use your phone to take a photo of the collection slip. I upload all my photos to Google Photos but this will work with Dropbox, One Drive etc.
In Google Photos, select the photo of the collection slip and hit the 'Share' button. Choose 'Create Link'
Paste the link in the URL section of your RTM Task.
Job done.
Then when RTM reminds you to collect your dry cleaning, there is also a 'scan' of the collection slip to use.
Posted at 5:07pm on October 21, 2017
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Great idea, bet you'll be a Tuesday winner before long!
Posted 7 weeks ago
gm1 says:
Why not use Evernote? Save a step?
Posted 4 weeks ago
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