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Checklist in RTM

nodonovan says:
At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way of setting up a checklist for things like going on holiday, what to pack etc. A simple way of doing this is to set up a checklist in Google Keep and then adding the Google Keep note's unique URL to a Task. If the URL field is already taken up with something, it's easy just to add another URL to a Note. Of course, it would be much better to have this as part of the RTM Notes editing, but until then, this is a relatively simple workround.
Posted at 9:59pm on August 30, 2017
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Look into grocery lists solutions here, the same need to reuse tasks.

For example this one:

I guess that it would be good to use several tags, with items being tagged by the type of holiday they belong to.
Posted 3 years ago
davidfarquhar says:
I use a solution from the forums a while back - I have a list called Packing List and I add items to that as tasks and then mark complete as I pack.

For repeating lists like my holiday packing list I keep this in One Note (Google Keep would be fine) and use the email list of items functionality to add the full list of items to my Packing List list when I'm ready to start packing
Posted 3 years ago
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
One option I utilise myself is to just complete and uncomplete tasks, especially when used in combination with subtasks. I have quite a few packing lists (hot/cold/short-trip/long-trip) ready to go and that I update. Just a thought! :)
Posted 3 years ago
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