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solve difference in list order between desktop and mobile

r.nederhof says:
I ran into the situation that my lists were shown in a different order on the desktop than on my mobile devices. The cause of this difference in list order I do not know. To correct it the following did work for me (and I presume it works for you too if you only add or delete a list very occasionally).

Step 1.
Using drag & drop in the desktop app simply reorder the lists dragging each list to the position you want it in. If your lists were already in the correct order on the desktop (but not on your other devices) you can obviously skip this step.

Step 2.
Still in the desktop app, work through your lists (which are now ordered as you want them to be) top to bottom and drag and drop the nr.2 list to position 1 and repeat so that these two lists are again in the desired order. Seems useless to do this, but bear with me.
Then drag and drop the nr.3 list to position 2. And repeat.
Then drag and drop the nr.4 list to position 3. And repeat.
And so on.

So step 2 does not change the order of lists on the desktop. But what happens is that this resets the ordering of your lists in the mobile apps and ordering of your lists should now be the same across all your devices.
Posted at 9:05am on April 27, 2017
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