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Telegram + IFTTT for rapid task adding to RTM

aviskase says:
The most important thing about todo apps is an ability to dump things there as fast, as possible. I really like Telegram on desktop and it's a pity, that there are no RTM bots for this messenger.
So I've glued something myself to achieve one simple goal: adding all tasks immediately!

How it works:
1. Open special group in Telegram
2. Post task starting with /ifttt command. For example:
/ifttt update article draft #w_ql #Work ^Monday 13:00
3. IFTTT bot receives this message and sends all text after "/ifttt" via Gmail to RTM Inbox email.
4. Task is added to RTM =)

How it's done:
1. You need IFTTT account with Gmail and Telegram services enabled.
2. Create a group in Telegram. Add @IFTTT bot to this group. Connect bot with group via command /connect_group@IFTTT
3. Create an applet in IFTTT:
* Trigger (Telegram): New message in a group
- Source group: select your special group
* Action (Gmail): Send an email
- To address: your RTM Inbox email
- Subject: {{Text}}
- Body and Attachment URL are empty

The only thing missing for me is reminders via Telegram. If someone has any ideas how to accomplish that, please, share =)
Posted at 11:25am on March 17, 2017
aviskase says:
Btw, one interesting thing with Telegram - if you use #list or #tag in messages, it understands them as tags and will suggest for autocomplete.
Posted 3 years ago
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