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Packing lists for all kind of trips

quam says:
How many times did I enter a plane or open the suitcase at the hotel recognizing i had forgotten something. Toothbrush, slippers, charger cable or my favourite shampoo.

Ok here is a way to generate packing lists for the different type of trips you make:

- first create a list called something like "Packing"
- then create a task called something like "PackingLists" with lowest priority and no due date.
- Now you add a notes to this task like for example:

--skiing vacatios
scarf !3 ^today
gloves !2 ^today
sun glasses !1 ^today
UV protection lipstick !1 ^today
and more items ...

-- business trip 3 days
2 ties !2 ^today
3 shirts !1 ^today
pair of spare shoes !3 ^today
business cards !1 ^today
call affair for a visit ;-) !1 ^today
and more items ....

- Now when its time to pack your bag, just search the PackingList task, copy the text from one of your notes and send it to your RTM email address with the Subject Packing.

- whenever you want to add an item you can edit the note or create a new one for a new kind of trip: e.g. Christmas holidays at moms, or business trip 5 days.

Hope this might help you and you never ever forget a thing when traveling.

You could share also the list o all your travel buddies, but be sure to not send it to the wrong address ;-)

Happy holidays!
Posted at 4:21pm on December 20, 2016
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi quam,

Great tip! Bob will definitely use this for his next trip. :)

You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account.

Thanks for sharing your tip!
Posted 5 years ago
davidfarquhar says:
just want to say thanks for this tip, it is very clever. I've been creating a list in OneNote of all the things I want to take tomorrow, then I sent it over to RTM and I had a nice list to cross off. The advantage over OneNote tick boxes is the list gets smaller as you complete items which makes it easy to see what is left, and also very satisfying
Posted 5 years ago
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