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New User after workflow tips

(closed account) says:
Hi all,

I have just literally signed up to RTM in a desperate effort to find a suitable task management solution that works for me.

I have used many over time but constantly find myself defaulting back to creating checklist notes within Evernote. The problem with that is I create these checklists each week for the weekly tasks ahead and need to have the tasks in my head at the time, I frequently chop and change the list and leave a lot incomplete.

I love Evernote but need a solution which keeps me on track, allows me to brain dump future tasks, schedule repeating tasks, etc.

Any tips and advice would be much appreciated.

Posted at 7:40am on December 17, 2016
lemayp says:

Years ago I found the solution that worked best for me and it was Evernote with RTM. The integration of both systems work very well for me at both the personal and professional levels.

I use Evernote for "projects" and for note taking that require actionable tasks. The title of my Evernote always contain the name of the project or actionable item (for instance my car maintenance note is a pure note but I also need to remember in 4 months to change the oil), and I make sure that the note page is synched with RTM.

Note title "my car maintenance NA: change oil and ask to check the breaks"

Once the note is synched with RTM I will manage there the retention and recurrence of the note/task. I can change the next action (in the note title) directly from RTM and that will sync with Evernote. From RTM I can go directly to my Evernote note since the task will contain a direct link to it. Meanwhile it will be linked to the web note. I use Evernote on Windows and for each note linked to RTM I also add to the RTM task (in the URL field) the original window link to the Evernote note that you can get from the menu note->copy note link while pressing the ctrl key.

I am note sure if my comment is clear,but the integration between RTM and Evernote is probably an amazing one that is not well promoted and described by the RTM marketing team.

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions.


PS: tip #2 : set yiur Evernote set to instant sync to have RTM updated instantly when you change a note.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:

That's great, thanks for the reply. I have been toying with the idea of using a Note within Evernote as a Task which is sync'd to RTM. After reading your reply I will definitely give it a try.

Posted 2 years ago
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