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Remember the Milk tasks from Google Assistant

saybar3 says:
Using the new Google Assistant and IFTTT integration, you easily create Remember the Milk tasks!

Just say, "Ok Google, Remember the Milk Read Tips and Tricks blog post Tuesday Priority 1" and a new task will be added!
Posted at 4:42am on October 29, 2016
olaf1303 says:
like that...and maybe addon this:
insert repeating task every tuesday: RTM read tips and tricks blog, good idea? Ask yourself: can it help improving productivity? or is it just funny and nice idea? Does it fit into my system of tags, lists, slists , projects.. (myrtm)?
if its a yes: add new tasks via IFTTT google, name: integrate milk blog referring to [number of tips lookup url of blog..] by [name of blogger] into system, priority 1 tag blogidea reminder true..... due next monday

so that 1) you get reminder of reading blog, via email or sms, 2) read blog, 3) think about it and, after evaluation 4) open new task: integrate blog... in this case saybar3 on IFTTT Integration into system...and 5) make sure you get it done befor next blog comes up.....
thank you saybar:-)
Posted 2 years ago
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