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Using MindManager 2017 with RTM using the Zapier integration

lemayp says:

I wrote a blog post today on how I have integrated MindManager 2017 with RTM using the Zapier integration. I am not sure if there is any MindManager users in the community, but I am sharing my post in case:

In my blog I mentioned some limitation of the Zapier zap for RTM (no start date support for instance) and I would be curious to know who is responsible of such integration in Zapier. Would be great to resolve this.


Posted at 9:41pm on October 9, 2016
michaelpmanti says:
You could use Zapier to send an email to RTM and use the smart add syntax for start dates.
Posted 2 years ago
lemayp says:
Good suggestion Micheal, Yes I think that could resolve this current limitation
Posted 2 years ago
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