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RTM & TextExpander - Perfect combo for large tedious tasks!

pszaro says:
I am currently involved in a major project where we are building out 400+ servers. Each build requires multiple tasks from start to finish, so I came up with a list of things that would be needed for every build and created a snippet in TextExpander. Once the snippet is executed, a popup menu prompts for the server name, location of server and due date. Once that it populated in the body of the email message, I email my RTM email address and within seconds, all my tasks are available. I then drag SubTask 0-10 into the main task (line 1)

Here is an example:


Server Build: %filltext:name=hostname% (%filltext:name=location%) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 0: Assign initial ticket created by App Team for build #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 1: Request new IP's and DNS entries #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 2: Create CMDB CI asset (build) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 3: Carve out LPAR via Tool Kit #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 3a: Request boot LUNs #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 3b: Confirm boot LUNs #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 3c: Complete logout via Tool Kit #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 4: AIX OS Installation via GI (mksysb) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 5: AIX OS Customization via workbook #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 5a: Configure EPV #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 5c: Add accounts to new Centrify dzdo group #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 5d: Configure flat txt Networker Backups #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 6: Request SWAP LUNs, 64gb (if needed) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 7: Request App LUNs (if needed) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 7a: Configure App LUNs/File Systems (if needed) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 8: Copy over SOURCE server host keys (/etc/ssh) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 8: Copy over SOURCE user specific keys (.ssh) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 8: Copy over SOURCE server user home directories (/home) #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 9: Turnover to App Team #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%
%filltext:name=hostname% SubTask 10: Harden Server, Move CI to RUN status in CMDB via RFC #serverbuild !1 ^%filltext:name=date% %key:enter%

Hope this helps anyone that needs to perform high level tasks for a project with multiple sub tasks. Made my life much easier and I was always organized!
Posted at 5:43pm on September 19, 2016
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
8000+ tasks, impressive! Smart idea!
Posted 2 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi pszaro,

Great tip! You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)
Posted 2 years ago
pszaro says:
Thank you!
Posted 2 years ago
robert.ward says:
Nice! I did a similar thing in a previous job using Excel and the Concatenate function. Then I started learning Python and made a simple script to recreate multiple tasks.
Posted 2 years ago
olaf1303 says:
Hi pszaro, I'm just within the first three weeks of rtm...first impression on first day was: Nice, funny, and: limited.... Two days ago I had a reorganizing day with decision on whether to use rtm as main task and organizing tool...its a yes because two days ago I found rtm funny, motivating, very very smart... but still I am exploring the forum, esp. your integration of textexpander.... five minutes ago my mental tag limited has dissolved, special thanks to you and others sharing so bright integration and structuring ideas...:):) and of course to Bob and friends..(Sorry for length of post but I'm on flow...
Posted 2 years ago
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