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Have all the information you need for a project at your fingertips

danielalbu says:
When I work on a large project, I usually use the "Notes" section in each subtask to have all the information I need for the task at hand.

But sometimes, I need that information for the course of the project (and not just for one task) - that's why I need one central location for all that info (relevant phone numbers / side notes / FTP details / etc.).

So I create a subtask called "Complete This Project" whose due date is the due date of the project.

This task will be marked as "completed" only when the project is done and delivered, this way I'll be sure that I have it (and its "notes" section) available for me until the end of the project - and every project-related (as opposed to task-related) piece of information will be logged into its notes section.
Posted at 7:22am on August 31, 2016
louis.lapicque says:
Pretty simple, I like it. I tend use an external tool for this though (ideally a wiki, usually google docs or evernote), because I like to go back and read my notes on old projects.
Posted 2 years ago
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