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Quick task add for Firefox

cgfrost says:
I've made a Firefox add-on to let you quickly save a page as a task.

I created this as I quite often want to save a page to read later and nothing else was doing what I wanted. I intend to add some more features but it's not going to be a full client, just for quickly creating tasks. Comments welcome, the code is open source on GitHub if your interested.
Posted at 4:58pm on September 23, 2015
markfriedman says:
This is a wonderful addition. I have been struggling for years of where to put a web page I want to look at later. I cut and paste, put into bookmarks, copied and even linked into Evernote, and later OneNote... and even used Pocket, all with unsatisfactory results. Now that I use RTM constantly, this addon is the perfect addition. I hope you continue to add to it to make it even better.
A big thanks to you.
Mark Friedman
Posted 5 years ago
cgfrost says:
Moo Later 2.0 is out with support for the newer versions of Firefox. No new features but several bugs have been fixed and including highlighted text in a task is working again.
Posted 3 years ago
janvanderploeg says:
My compliments! Works great!
Posted 3 years ago
cobrastyle says:
High five - this brilliant! Nice work!
Posted 3 years ago
campbellmalaika says:
hey, is this Mozilla Firefox addon still running ..? i would like to test :) let me answer please
Posted 3 years ago
jimjoh says:
This addon is great since bookmarklet support is being killed on June 1st. If it did just one more thing it'd be perfect for my use. Would you consider adding a due date that defaulted to today?
Posted 2 years ago
wcitymike says:
Hey, first, thanks so very much for this awesome extension. I am returning to RTM after a long absence. I'm wondering if you might consider adding a very small feature -- would it be possible to have an option to simply create the task when clicking the toolbar button (with the values one would specify, i.e., page title, etc.) -- as opposed to clicking it and then clicking 'OK'?
Posted 2 years ago
charlypen says:
Great work - Thanks
Posted 2 years ago
guillaume.babin says:
Thank you for this addon. Should it be possible in a near future to add a due date option ?
Posted 2 years ago
antoinebugleboy says:
In Chrome, I use the Send Link by Email or Gmail extension to email links to my RTM address. This lets me change the task name and use Smart Add in the subject line.
Posted 2 years ago
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