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Tip: quick-add for Nokia (Symbian) phones

yutingk says:
We don't always have mobile web browser open on the mobile phone to access RTM, here is a tip to add a quick task to RTM. I've tested this with Nokia smart phones (series 60) but the same principle should work with any phone:

1. Programme an access key (e.g. left soft-key) to "Write an email"
2. Make your RTM email address to be the first in the phone book (e.g. I name it AAA- TODO)
3. When you want to add a task, just press the programmed key, click the centre button to bring up contacts, and select the first contact.
4. Type your todo and Send!

This is a workaround/hack in the absence of a native task list on Symbian which integrates with RTM.
Posted at 12:11am on March 26, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
yutingk, this sounds handy -- thanks for sharing this tip!
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
or you could use jott
Posted 10 years ago
krzyspia says:
OK nice tip.
But how make my Task to be viewed on my "desktop" in Nokia E61?
Posted 9 years ago
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