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#borrow #lend tags

dominikhajduk says:
I don’t like borrowing and lend to. But sometimes I have to. There is nothing worst than forget about give something back on proper time. Or search for necessary things before last minute travel and after few hours recall that it’s lend. So few years ago I’ve created #borrow and #lend tags in RTM. How it’s work for me?

When I lend something I’m simply create task with #lend tag. Due date is set up for date when I expect that thing should get back to me. After that time I’m postponing task (I hate remind that someone should give my stuff back, it’s embarrassing) or just send reminder to that person.

When I’m borrowing something, then task is tagged by #borrow, have proper priority (mostly 1) and due date when I should give things back.

Now I can simply check where my stuff is by list tagged tasks or check what things should I give back.

I hope this tip can help you manage your borrowed or lend things. And do not forget to give borrowed things back.
Posted at 11:45am on May 3, 2014
sherry_zhou_98 says:
This is a useful tip! I had been using a separate program on my phone to keep track of what I had borrowed/lent people, but this streamlines everything to RTM.
Posted 4 years ago
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