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Firing up RTM with your (smart)list of choice

(closed account) says:
For a long time I've been using the Overview page when I started up Remember The Milk. It provides me with three tabs: Today, Tomorrow and Overdue.

Though I find this a very useful way to start working with RTM in my web browser everyday, I miss out on actions I gave priority 1. And in my personal RTM setup, that is a problem.

So I came up with a nice tweak to access RTM from an angle of my choosing: the printable view of a list I created. Let's go into that a little deeper.

I have a couple of smart lists. The most important one being the 'Focus' list. It is populated by actions that are either due today, overdue or priority 1. That is the list I want to see the minute I access RTM.

In order to make that happen, I do as follows. The trick is quite simple really:
1. I open the Focus list I created.
2. Now I click on 'Print' to the top right of the screen. I get the printable page of all actions that meet the criteria of this particular smart list.
3. I bookmark this list
4. This very bookmark is my customized way into RTM. The url of the bookmark is something like[username]/[8-digit number]/

So each day when I hit the office, I click on this bookmark and I am presented with the actions I deem important (in my case actions that are due today, overdue or priority 1). When you have your own smart list, of course you can do the same thing.

On this printable page, when I click on the RTM logo at the top left of the screen, it takes me right to the full RTM site. But not until I have taken notice of the actions that require my attention first thing in the morning!
Posted at 6:35am on April 25, 2014
jbuxton says:
I like it. thanks
Posted 4 years ago
nodonovan says:
Simple but clever. I like it
Posted 4 years ago
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