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Adding fun to Eisenhower

quam says:
I think the Eisenhower method is pretty useful, but what it is lacking is to mix in some fun. Important and urgent tasks are seldom fun, so heres my suggestion to a revamped Eisenhower matrix applied to RTM so you don't get grumpy:

Priorities for importance

1 - Due today or very soon and you have to complete the task before going to bed on that day. (Don't pick too much tasks here) This is for unplanned and very important and urgent tasks, too (buy medcine, when coughing).

2 - Due whenever they are due, likely postponable, but important

3 - Not important but fun tasks, with or without due date

0 - lame and unimportant tasks

Urgency is easyly managed by due date. If a task is unimportant or important it will show up in the today view, the this week view, or your customized time smartlist and automatically be urgent. Set due dates when they are really due, not too early, and certainly not, when its already too late.

Now if you need a break or some fun, choose one or two (not 10! ;-) ) due or random kategory 3 tasks between the important stuff. You can subcategorize the fun using tags like #rlyfun #bitfun etc.

Set a recurring important task to clear out the lame and unimportant tasks and your are set.

Every day you will achieve some important tasks at all cost, manage some important and enjoy some unimportant. As long as you control yourself on the kategory 3 tasks, your day will be productive and entertaining.

Have Fun :-)
Posted at 3:44pm on March 6, 2014
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Fabian,

Fun tasks are definitely needed, too. :)

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Posted 4 years ago
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