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Creating a list of tasks with no set priority and\or no tags

cmantra says:
I have been using remember the milk for quite while but have tended to use it more of a dumping ground so I don't forget stuff. Recently I have decided to get more organised so setup some useful saved searches as folders. At least it creates some seggregation. One search folder that is really useful is "Not Filed" meaning tasks with no set priority or tag. It forces me to think more about the task and where it fits into my overall priorities. The search criteria is simple;

(priority:none AND isTagged:false) OR (priority:none AND isTagged:true) OR (isTagged:false AND (priority:1 OR priority:2 OR priority:3))

This way I can see tasks that have yet to find a home!
Hope some of you will find this useful.
Posted at 3:14am on January 24, 2014
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Just a friendly remark.

Could be simplified to priority:none OR isTagged:false
Posted 3 years ago
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