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add multiple tasks from non-smart phone via MMS (multimedia message) instead of SMS (text message)

megan.strickland says:
My phone is only semi-smart, so I have frequently use the Twitter method of adding single tasks via SMS (text message) when I am out and about. (See

However, I recently discovered that I can also use MMS (multimedia message) to send multiple tasks to my Import email address directly. Here's how it works on my Nokia e71:

1) Added "RTM Import" to my contacts, with the appropriate email address.

2) Start typing "RTM Import" and select it when it pops up.

3) Select "Send multim. msg."

4) Compose email as per usual for the import address. (See

I hope that is helpful to someone. :o)
Posted at 1:20am on January 19, 2014
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