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Keep your gmail inbox empty: act now, act later, file for reference, or delete thanks to Zapier-RTM zap

queriquita says:
With efficiency in mind for this new year, I cleared out my inbox and am attempting to stay on top of it all. Having so many options for folders and whatnot in gmail was nice, but there was never the reminder to actually follow up with any of them. RTM is my go-to place for GTD. So what I've done is set up a gmail label for RTM and created a zap that allows me to forward the url for actionable emails to RTM. Here's the link for that zap:

Now reading my emails is much more productive because I do one of the following:
1) Act Now: deal with it on the spot (and then do option 2, 3, or 4).

2) Act Later: if on my android, I label the email *RTM* and deal with it through RTM when it zaps over (note: the asterisks prevent me from having to scroll endlessly to accomplish this quickly from my phone). if on my computer, I create an RTM task through the RTM website and add the email URL link, plus I add the non-astrisked RTM label to the email. i use chrome on my android phone, but from my RTM app i can't quickly open the email urls that weren't created as mobile urls, so this is my workaround. this is why the zap includes in the note section a second option to do a mobile search for all items with the *rtm* and rtm labels. it doesn't take me to the specific email, but it takes me to a list that should be relatively short.

3) file for reference: i contemplated evernote, but prefer google for this. if your preference is evernote, then just forward your email to your evernote email address - simple from phone or computer. if you prefer google, you can print the email to google drive from your computer and from your android device. also, if you don't want the pdf created from your 'printed' email to count against your google storage, then you can delete it after converting it to a google doc file (just open it as a google doc file from your computer or your android and it will automatically convert). if you want to create a reminder to do it later, then you can create an email label for that too (i use *drive*, which i nested under *rtm*) and zap the task to RTM with this:

4) delete the email

If any of this was helpful and you decide to setup your zaps, please don't hesitate to use the provided links, as we'll both be rewarded with 100 extra zaps each month. Thanks and enjoy.
Posted at 10:06am on January 5, 2014
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