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Auto creating a follow-up task in RTM from Evernote

queriquita says:
My situation:
I use RTM to keep track of all of my tasks. I just recently started learning about how to use Evernote to keep track of just about everything else, including children's progress portfolios (think teacher/homeschool mom). I also recently realized that I can create progress reports in KustomNote that go right into evernote. My issue was that I wanted to ensure that a follow up task was automatically created based on that day's progress report. Finally, I figured it out, thanks to Zapier. FYI: Keep in mind that this is different from the current integration, which creates a mirrored link between a task and a note with reminder turned on. What I'm doing is autocreating a NEW f/u task from an existing note. I'm sharing because I think other educators would appreciate, plus, it could be tweaked for just about any f/u task from a note. So here's what I did, which, although a little cumbersome to set up, works great once done.

STEP 1: Create kustomnote with (1) tag:RTM and *optional* (2) in the template's 'always end note with' field, put "(" ... example: ( (view live sample of form - not template - here: FYI: If you choose to add this optional part, it makes creating a new evernote progress report from your RTM completed task a cinch.

STEP 2: Complete and Submit your custom form to Evernote (ensure it created a tag: RTM ... I used a single option choice box at the end of my form with RTM as the only choice and the instructions to Click to Send to RTM. After all, there may be a report for which there is no f/u action needed, right?).

STEP 3: Connect Evernote to RTM via Zapier (Quick link -
- I set up a relationship b'ween a new evernote note and an email. Then in zapier's step 4, i filtered for tags containing RTM. Finally, in the fifth step, I had it email to my RTM address, I wrote "F/U Plan from {{title}} ^today !1 #Evernote" in the subject and added this to the body: Notes
From: {{time_created_pretty}}
URL: {{url}}
Tags: {{tags}}

(you'll see what i mean better if you click on the orange "Start Using This!" button found here: You can tweak from there, too, plus, we'll each get 100 zaps/month added, if you decide to keep the zap).

Test that the zap works, then turn it on.
STEP 4: Use it! Here's how I do:
- an event occurs that I need to store in evernote (say, my kid is working on spelling words x, y, and z), so I go to the kustomnote newnote link and fill it in. i want to make sure that the next time we work on spelling words, we review xyz and introduce a, b, and c, so i write that in the 'follow up plan' section. i click the RTM option and submit. low and behold, it's in evernote (without a reminder - i don't need to be reminded of it, it's just reference material about what we did), but ... there is now a task in my RTM linked with this reference evernote, which allows me (from RTM), to review its details via an 'open link in new window' option, highlight and paste the details of my f/up plan (although not necessary), rename my task (also not nec, but remember to keep the kustomnote link handy), and place this next action on the date/time of my choosing. the beauty of it is that, if you keep the kustomnote link in your RTM, when you're about to complete the task, you can now just click on the kustomnote link to fill out a new progress report, for which a new f/u action will be automatically created. Ok, well, I hope that helps someone! And remember, if you decide to set it up w/Zapier, spread the love by clicking this link ( so that we both get extra zaps each month.

Thanks, and enjoy!
Posted at 11:45am on December 16, 2013
queriquita says:
btw: thanks to duckdagobert for turning me onto zapier. i have now two zaps: the one i mention here and the one you mentioned in your cal to rtm zap post. :-)
Posted 4 years ago
queriquita says:
ps - you could also just manually add RTM as a tag to an evernote and create the zap to populate based on that ;-) again, this is not the same as the current integration, it would be a NEW task autolinked to an evernote as reference. This also means you don't have to worry about the titles changing, since they're not one in the same.
Posted 4 years ago
queriquita says:
fyi: an example of how the last suggestion (of adding the tag:RTM zap to an evernote directly) would apply to my case.

ex) i create an evernote that has a weekly activity checklist (let's say i want to see how many letters we can get through in the week. in this case, it would make sense to create a list of a to z in one column with headers for each day of the week and check mark boxes running down those columns). during the week, this evernote would receive a normal RTM integration reminder because as the week progresses, i want to pull up this very same note and guide my behavior based on what was already checked off (as in, "oh, i see on mon i checked letters a thru f and on tue a thru m, so on wed, based on all of this visible in the same note, i'll just do g thru z"). however, at the end of the week, i will add tag: RTM, so that a new task is created, using the completed table as a reference (zap autolinked in RTM note) for what to do at the start of the following week. now, say this new week, instead of each letter having its own row, i want to chunk it down to three rows: (1) a to f, (2) g to m, (3) n to z) and focus on 0 to 9 by giving each number its own row. for easy population of the new evernote, my RTM would include the link for template for this particular table, too (like in the kustomnote example), and it would be this new template-generated note that i would continue to update via regular rtm-en integration until i'm ready to add the tag and zap it as a ref. note for the following actionable task, thus repeating the process again. in case you couldn't tell, i'm really loving FINALLY getting these two programs to work for me exactly as needed. Joy!
Posted 4 years ago
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