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Remember important questions with a list!

visruts says:
If you are anything like me, you have a perpetual habit of forgetting important questions that you wanted to ask someone. However, Remember the Milk has a really easy way of helping you with this.

1) Create a new list with the name of the of the person you want to ask the questions.
2) Add tasks to the list that you want to ask the person.
3) Use priorities for each question so you know which to ask first if you have limited time.
4) Add a location for all of the tasks in this list - this should be where you would normally meet the person (that way you won't forget when you are nearby)
5) Remember your pressing questions!

In addition to these tips, I find it helpful add a note with the answers I got to each question before I completed them so that everything would be organized in a central place.

Happy Asking!
Posted at 2:15am on December 4, 2013
mgm says:
I use a similar attempt. I tag not only questions but everything which is related to a person with the (short-)name of the person. If I need access to those list items I use the tag cloud or a quick search. For some people I have saved a smart list.

I like your tip to store answers in a note. Will try this. As I'm using Evernote I'll try to create questions for people as an Evernote note with a reminder so that it will be created also in rtm.
Posted 4 years ago
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