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Keeping weight loss goals in order

lillaurel says:
So i'm working on losing some weight.

I'm one of those folks who works much better when she breaks things down into smaller goals. Trying to lose 5 lbs is so much less daunting than trying to lose 50 lbs (even if that is the end goal!).

I have a list in RTM for goals, and i began to enter multiple goal weights. Trouble was that if i just listed Weigh 199 and Weigh 189, they would list alphabetically and the lowest weight would appear first.

I didn't want to add dates to the list because weight loss isn't always as formulaic as we might wish. So instead i re-wrote the tasks like this:

Weight 1: 199
Weight 2: 189
and so on

It's a really simple change, but i realized i've been doing similar tricks for un-dated tasks that need to be done in order where the alphabet doesn't work in my favor. It's not exactly elegant, but it's in an order that won't scare me off!
Posted at 1:40pm on October 10, 2013
bruleee says:
Cool tip! I try to do the same to reorder tasks, but when you get up to #10, it moves the task above #1. How do you get around that?

Posted 4 years ago
rossgoodman says:
The obvious way is to use 01, 02 etc or 001, 002 depending on how large you expect your list to get.
Posted 4 years ago
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