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Keep track of your Google Cal events in RTM automatically

duckdagobert says:

some weeks ago I implemented my perfect workflow and would like to share something I found very useful. I use RTM as a to do list and Google Calendar as a calendar for all my doctor's & friends, appointments, customer & phone meetings, etc.
Most of the time I only look on the RTM web app (or print the today's list out), which is why I often planned a lot of stuff for that day in RTM just to find out that I have 6 events in google cal.

Thus, I searched for an easy way on how to add all new Google events to RTM as a task automatically - including tags, priority, etc. To achieve this, I use ZAPIER - which is some kind of IFTTT and free in the basic version, which is enough if you dont have more than 150 appointments per month (or 7 per day) and you can easily get more free by sharing your own "zaps"/recipes.

You have to register for zapier (here:, you & I get 100 zaps for free), and create a new "zap" using this zap I created:

So you now just go through the steps, allow zapier to access google cal and select a calendar (step 4), and add your RTM import adress in step 5 in the field to. In the field subject you insert this (tags and priority can be adjusted to fit your wishes), but if you used the link above it should already be there:
{{summary}} ^{{start__dateTime_pretty}} !1 #event #Work

In the body field you add: -end-

Then click make zap live and it works! If you have separate calendars e.g. one for your work and one for your home tasks, just go to your zapier dashboard click on your existing zap and copy it. Then edit it so that e.g. your home calendar is tagged home, instead of work.

Hope it helps some of you, as it really helps to have an accurate to do and dont forget appointments.

P.s. if you used a shared calendar e.g. with your university timetable where all events are already in there but may change, it does not work with the trigger "new event". Thus simply change it to "Event start" and tell it to send the mail 2 days before the event starts. so you have always accurate to do events, without them cluttering up your RTM for the next semester.
Posted at 1:31pm on September 15, 2013
xtoq says:
This is a pretty cool tip. I'll have to check it out.
Posted 4 years ago
queriquita says:
I'm testing it out. Thanks for the tip.
Posted 4 years ago
pachela says:
I do essentially the same thing with IFTTT. One problem is that it is only triggered by new events & not updates to existing events. I have to remember to manually make the change in RTM if I reschedule an appt by just changing the date or time rather than creating a new event. A second problem is that if I create a recurring event in gCal, only the first one is 'forwarded' to RTM.

If you know, does Zapier work the same way? Thanks
Posted 4 years ago
faustus23 says:
I love you, that's exactly what I was searching for!
Posted 3 years ago
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