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Shopping Lists in Seconds! - using the iOS app "checklist" interface for Tags

bluesgeek says:
I am so fond of the iOS app checklist interface for selecting Tags that I now use Tags as the foundation for adding items to my shopping "lists" (not true Lists, but Tasks used to list items).

It's incredibly fast!

First, I should mention that this method requires either keeping a "master" task with a copy of all Tags, or never deleting the shopping Tasks, so that you will always have the tags to select from. I prefer using a master Task so that I can keep it clean.

I create Tags for the master task when first planning a list—grouping them to organize the type of product (.g+ for grocery, .h+ for hardware and garden, .e+ for electronics). I pre-populate the master task with Tags for the most common items I consume (.g+apples, .g+bread, .g+carrots...)

When I create a shopping list in the iOS app, I just title it (with Dictation when possible), add an optional location, open the Tag list and select away. I can rip through a routine grocery list in just a few seconds. When I need to add a new item, I just create a new Tag in the custom field (remembering to add it to the master task later).

I also use this method to create gear checklists for my video production business. I have a Tag for each item or item case in my equipment inventory (.v+audio_box, .v+boom_pole01, .v+boom_pole02...).

This approach to shopping lists is ideal for generic oft-used items. I can expand the functionality by using Notes for specialty items, again streamlining that further with data entry by Dictation.

I'm going to prep my master task with Tags for another "list" of my tools. How many times do I head out to help someone with a repair, only find I have neglected to pack the right tools. Let's see... .t+awl, .t+brace, .t+chisels...
Posted at 3:43pm on July 5, 2013
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