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Ordering your Lists by Importance

julie.ricketts says:
Well, this is going to be, perhaps, a little complicated.

My tip is to create smart lists containing categories of items based on how important they are and then name them in a fashion that keeps them in order of importance. I also use the A Bit Better RTM add-on for Chrome in order to keep these lists more visible along the left side of my screen.

This set-up allows me to keep only items that are due in front of me.

Here is an example of the lists I have set up so far and the naming conventions that keep them in order:

0.0 Bills*Due (searches for tag:bills AND dueBefore:tomorrow)
1.0High Priority Tasks (searches for priority:1 AND dueBefore:tomorrow)
2.0Emails*Due (searches for tag:email AND dueBefore:tomorrow)
3.0Phone calls*Due (searches for list:phone calls AND dueBefore:tomorrow)


5.0Waiting for Response (search for tag:waiting)


By using #.0, you can insert lists where you need to if you find that you need additional lists. For example, I decided I wanted my "paperwork" category to be separate from the "High Priority" category, so I named it 1.1Paperwork*Due.

I hope this isn't too confusing ... ask away if you have questions! :)

Posted at 2:28am on June 26, 2013
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