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Add tasks using Alfred on a Mac (via RTM email)

aberlee says:
Hi all,

IDEA: open up Alfred, type in RTM hit tab and write down what you want to add to your to-do list in Remember the Milk. Hit enter and Alfred makes sure you get things done
I made a workflow for just that.

HOW: Alfred's query becomes the subject for an email send by Sparrow (see below, you can use it with Mail as well), which is sent to your personal Remember the Milk account.


Alterations to make it work with Mail (Standard in the workflow shared is Sparrow)
1. open up the workflow
2. open up the script
3. Change Sparrow to Mail
4. Change sendmessage to send
5. Save!

That's it.

You can download the workflow here:

Hope it helps!

Best, Anna
Posted at 10:29pm on June 7, 2013
(closed account) says:
There is also a workflow that uses milkmaid on the command line to give you RTM info right within Alfred
Posted 4 years ago
crash09 says:
Anyone know how to make this work with Outlook for Mac 2011? I have tried changing Sparrow to Outlook and Microsoft Outlook with no luck.
Posted 3 years ago
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