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Sorting Lists

zcademy says:
I've just come back to RTM after trying several other systems. I'm setting up a GTD type system for my family, personal and work tasks (I'm a single mom freelancer).

I know I'm going to have many different lists, and I won't be adding them in the order I want to see them. Since the lists are shown in the tabs alphabetically (with Inbox first), I'm setting up a system as I go.

Any list name preceded by 0. is a list I want to see at the beginning of the tabs, for example 0.Urgent. Next most important are lists with 1., and so on, down to the 9. lists which I don't expect to be looking at much at all. [Archives and the like.]

Because I'm using each number several times, I won't run out, or need to renumber everything if I need another very important list. I don't need to get fussy with exact order but if I did, I could use a code such as 0a., 0b., etc.

I'm hoping list ordering (and hiding) will be in a future upgrade, but for now, this is going to work.
Posted at 8:18pm on May 25, 2013
jared.bidlow says:
I use the chrome "better rtm" extension that allows you to sort lists. Your style would help me keep the structure across multiple devices.
Posted 4 years ago
azclaire says:
I like this idea! I probably wouldn't implement it for all lists. But it's an easy way to keep the most active lists on top. And easily changed as a list's importance changes. I have a couple Smart Lists that are getting renamed!
Posted 4 years ago
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