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0ne Thing todo list

milkiglo says:
“There’s only ever one thing on your to-do list.”

That's Leah Reich quoted from one of my favourite podcasts: 'Let's Make Mistakes'

For my Remember the Milk setup I have created a couple of Smart Lists to keep my immediate todo list down to one thing. First, I identify the tasks that are due today without a specific time:

due:tod not dueAfter:tod12:00am

As I give those tasks specific times they drop from that Smart List. Then I head over to my '0ne Thing' Smart List. I use a zero for the first letter of 'one' to have the list filter to the top of my Smart Lists.


If there two or more tasks in this list I can pick which tasks to focus on later by changing their due times to a specific time such as '13:00' or '1pm'. Also, if I want to start something in ten minutes I simply type '10min' in the due field. Should something high priority comes up that I need to do at the moment which I also want to keep track I'll use the follow Smart Add due time.

Task Name ^now !1

This also helps to judge against whatever the one thing you were working on previously! Figuring out what the '0ne Thing' in the world I should be focused on is quick and straight forward using these two simple smart lists so that I can stay focused through out the day.

Posted at 12:47pm on May 14, 2013
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