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Valentine's Day and Remember The Milk

grant says:
Are you looking for something romantic to do for your significant other for this upcoming day of love? My girlfriend also has Remember The Milk, and we have a shared list for housework.

Unfortunately, I'll have to work a bit late on Valentines day, but I asked myself how I could be romantic even away from home. And the answer I thought of was.. Remember the Milk and a miniature chocolate-treasure hunt!

Here is how I will go about doing it tomorrow:

1. Make sure you and your Valentine's day partner have a shared list.

2. The night before Valentine's day, hide pieces of chocolate, love notes, and diamond rings around the house (Okay, maybe not the rings.. unless you're super rich). Make sure to jot down where they are so you don't forget later!

3. When you are at work and she is at home, add one task at a time that hints at the location of your hidden treasure. For example, "Check between the couch cushions... complete this task and I will add a new one."

4. Once he or she completes that task, (IE, found the chocolate), add another task.

5. Feel free to make the hints as easy or difficult as you choose!
Posted at 2:52am on February 13, 2013
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This was too good not to share on the blog, Grant. :)
Posted 5 years ago
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