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Priorities as a measure of percentage completion

hiteshnh says:
Using RTM for my project management role, I came to realize that it is not uncommon for tasks to be piled up in any list or smart list. Sometimes, I am not able to strike off a task from a list even though I have made some progress in it. For example, I’m halfway through the task of reviewing a report or preparing a presentation.

I figured it would be better to use priorities as a measure of progress made in a task. So I assign priorities 2, 3 and N to tasks having High, Medium and Low levels of urgency while reserving Priority 1 for showing tasks in progress.

You could also assign these numbers to varying percentages of completion like 75% - Priority 1, 50% - Priority 2, 25% Priority 3 and 0% (Not started) for N.

Hope this is useful.
Posted at 8:16am on February 12, 2013
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi hiteshnh,

Nice alternative use of the priorities feature. :)

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Posted 3 years ago
garysilver says:
A lovely idea. Just what I've been looking for. Well done and thank you!
Posted 2 years ago
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