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Task Timeline

tanayko says:
When running a project, having several different ways to present your activities, spending and results is essential as things are rarely two-dimmensional, and projects are often so complex that they require being seen from at least two different perspectives.

The same is true of tasks. RTM is great for allowing you to see your tasks from different perspectives. One in particular I find very useful is to see a visual timeline of all of my tasks for a given project or even activity (mini-projects within the project). In order to do this I:
1. Make a list for my project
2. Tag tasks within the list according to activity name (e.g. roundtable-event)
3. Click on the tag to list all of the tasks related to that tag/activity
4. Save the search as a new list
5. Export the list into my iCal Events

This way, when I look at my monthly schedule, I can clearly see the task distribution of my activity (and also whether I set the deadlines a bit too ambitiously!).

Hope this will be of some help guys! All the best!
Posted at 3:25pm on January 17, 2013
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