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Tip: Warranty of the products :)

remigiusz.franek says:
Situation: For most of the products after you buy a it you have got 2 years of product warranty (guarantee). It is quite and useful to have a reminder to check at least one month or 2 weeks before the warranty period ends whether everything is ok for your product. If something need to be replaced or fixed it is last time to do it.

So you can create a special list for Warranty Ending Products. It could be dedicated list or it is possible to use tag like .warranty with date set to be some period (I use one month) before warranty ends.

The second usage of this list is very simple but very helpful view of products which soon should be replaced with another one or sold or extended warranty.

I hope that my tip will be useful for you. In European Union it is :)
Posted at 9:00pm on January 14, 2013
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