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How to get Google Now "notes to self" to add to Remember the Milk

westonruter Pro says:

Google Apps Script for Gmail to automatically forward Google Now notes to self onto Remember The Milk, transforming the transcribed speech into Smart Add syntax, and then archiving the thread in Gmail. Create a new script in Google Drive for Gmail, paste this JS into it, customize the rtm_email variable to your own, and customize the transformations to rtm_task for Smart Add to fit your style, and then set up a trigger to invoke the function every minute. Within approximately a minute after sending yourself a note via Google Now, the reminder will be added to your RTM account!

Example dictation: Note to self to look up article about widgets for work priority 1
Smart Add transformation: Look up article about widgets #work !1

See: https://gist.github.com/4528421

Posted at 6:32pm on January 14, 2013

haomself says:

This is fantastic. I thought RTM would have taken advantage of Google Now already. Could you elaborate how to run the script on android phone?

Posted 2 years ago

brianmury Pro says:

The script runs on the GMail server, not on your client (phone or otherwise).

You can get started here: https://developers.google.com/apps-script/

Posted 2 years ago

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