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Homeschool Lesson Planning

debuck3 says:
I use RTM for my lesson planning - it is flexible, requires no re-writing things out, and I can immediately create lesson prep tasks for myself while I do lesson planning. It has saved me a lot of writing! Additionally, viewing completed tasks and the notes I've made along the way have helped me compose our weekly journal reports - an administrative exercise I use for accountability.

I use a simple system of all caps for the subject, tags for kiddos’ names, and notes for progress, struggles, successes, etc. A typical lesson plan task would be entered like this:

MATH: Lesson 33 – Sets with Stickers #puppy #frog ^today

If it didn’t get done, just postpone to the next school day. I keep the format like this to sort by task name and still be able to tackle the lessons in their proper order. Tasks with my name tagged are lesson prep that I need to do.

Posted at 6:27pm on November 23, 2012
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