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agentpenguin says:
I get tired of constantly re-entering different items into my RTM list "shopping," so one day I sat down and made a list that included all of the items that I commonly buy. Then, I tagged each one with the aisle number in my local grocery store and grouped the list alphabetically, so it is automatically sorted by aisle:

For example: (Aisle # - Item)
1 - Bananas
1 - Potatoes
4 - Salmon
6 - Butter
6 - Cream Cheese
9 - Baguette

Then, I mark everything as "complete" and when it comes time to make my shopping list, I make the items that I need to buy that trip as incomplete. This way, I don't have to re-enter everything, and also I can see all the items I usually buy when I'm looking through the completed list of items, so I can catch myself if I miss something.

The aisle sorting works really well too, because everything I need is already pre-sorted so I don't have to scroll through the list to make sure that I got all the veggies, or etc!
Posted at 4:06pm on November 13, 2012
deethequeen says:
I'm new to RTM. Your method is simple and easy to do. Thanks
Posted 19 days ago
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