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Business Trip Packing

agentpenguin says:
I travel to Asia quite often for business, and since I spend so much time in airports (I'm literally at the airport right now), I know how to streamline the process. I never check a bag anymore because I've left everything I need at my hotel - my home away from home when I'm traveling. However, sometimes it's hard to keep track of what you need to bring because you can't remember what's already there, so I've figured out a way to left RTM do it for me!

I create a list with the name of the hotel that I'm staying at, for example "Westin Shenzhen" and create individual items under with what's left in storage there. List items range from "Face wash" and "Underwear, 6 pairs" to "Business cards, 15" and "Nail Polish - red, blue, green". Sometimes when I leave a hotel, I use the deposit laundry service, and I can tag the items being washed with "washYYMMDD-receiptnumber" so I know what is being washed, when I left it, and what the receipt number was.

Additionally, when I run out of something, such as "Business cards," I mark it as "replace" and when I'm packing the few essentials I travel with for my trip (I have a list for that too), one of the tasks is "replace items," which I can find easily by searching the tag, and I can throw them in.

It works if you stay in different hotels for a change of scenery as well! Right now I have essentials at three different hotels in the area, so whenever I pick up something I tag it as "transit" and when I leave it elsewhere, I just change it to the list for that hotel.

It makes being on the go so much easier - all I carry now when I travel is my tote bag with laptop and documents, a change of underwear, and a small bag of toiletries - I don't even need a carry-on! Simple, solved =)
Posted at 3:34am on October 16, 2012
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