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Add tasks to RTM from your home screen without RTM widgets

susheelsamuel says:
Google’s voice search with voice actions allows us to send a note to ourselves. ( ) We can leverage this using filters ( ) in Gmail to add tasks to RTM automatically. I did this by
1) creating a new list called “Note to self” in RTM
2) creating a filter in Gmail to forward all mail containing “Note to self” to my RTM Import address
That’s it!
Now I just press the voice input button on the voice search bar, say “Note to self buy milk” and Voila! the task “buy milk” appears in my “Note to self” list in RTM.
P.S.: you also have the option using the “send email” command which you can use to add tasks to your default list or any other list but I found having this separate list worked well as a mind dump since it contains tasks which can be processed later.
Posted at 6:31am on September 21, 2012
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