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Add a task mentioning a date, withOUT setting a due date

sylviavas says:

I've frequently entered tasks such as "buy food for Saturday potluck", then noticed that they had a due date of the next Sunday, and that the "Saturday" was missing - the task was just "buy food for potluck"

I realized that Remember the Milk was just auto-detecting the date. That's great sometimes, but frequently I don't want it. When I don't, I write "buy food for Satur day potluck". Note the space between Satur and day. This prevents Remember the Milk from recognizing it as a date, and setting a due date.
Posted at 11:07am on August 31, 2012
brendan says:
Hi sylviavas,
It's also possible to enclose the task (or part of the task) in quotes to prevent Smart Add from parsing it. For example, try entering the following, including the quotes:

"buy food for Saturday potluck"

This will also create a task with no due date.

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
s21condo says:
The quotes are a great idea, but entering dates and times in shorthand works just as well, and with fewer keystrokes. Instead of:

"Schedule Dave at 11am Friday September 7th"

I would enter:

"Schedule Dave 11amFriSept7"
Posted 5 years ago
s21condo says:
I discovered this one by chance while adding wait-listed items - adding a question mark after the date or time also disables Smart Add parsing.
Posted 5 years ago
paul.woolverton says:
My work around: I add a leading character to the term interpreted as the due date.
I use a leading period. The term remains in the task and the task has no due date on the Web. The due date becomes whatever default due date I have set in the app.

I change Monday to .Monday
12/15 to .12/15

Sometimes I also include the actual desired due date.
prep tuesday for .wednesday meeting
returns as
prep for .wednesday meeting
with a due date of tuesday
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
We have some more alternatives available in our Help pages, but for completeness here are the full list of options aside from typing something specifically designed to not be detected:

1. You could specify a due date: Wash clothes for Casual Friday ^today 5pm
2. You can specify no due date (perhaps useful if you use priorities or other properties to organize some tasks or are adding scheduling-type tasks as s21condo mentioned): Wash clothes for Casual Friday ^never
3. You can skip the detection for part of your task (5pm would still be picked up): Wash clothes for "Casual Friday" 5pm
4. You can skip the detection for an entire task (nothing would be picked up): ~Wash clothes for Casual Friday 5pm

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
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