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Birthdays Tip

sousachristopher says:
Whether its family or friends, there are a lot of birthdays I like to keep track of. Some people I would like to get a gift for, while others I would like to call or send an email to. No matter which I am looking to do I am able to use RTM to keep track of these.

For people who I need to get a gift for, I set up a repeating yearly task for two weeks before their birthday to start looking for gifts. If I know their next birthday is a big year like 50 I might also put in a task well in advance to talk to family or friends about a party, or a joint gift.

For people who I want to email or call, I set up a reoccurring yearly task on their birthday to send them an email or to call them.

Using this method also reminds me that when I see the task I need to start thinking about other items like purchasing cake, candles, wrapping paper, etc.

With the help of RTM I am able to get the thought off my mind and onto my list, and I can trust that these important dates are remembered and will come up when I need them to.
Posted at 3:52pm on August 22, 2012
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