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Learning with RTM

aviskas says:
We live in the great time when learning is available for everybody through such initiatives like Udacity or Coursera. There are more than 100 courses available and it's not only good possibility for us, but also is something that is very hard to organize. And here RTM comes to help! So, I want to start from the very beginning: making system for review courses you enrolled.

1) After enrolling on interesting course I make a task with the name like "Start of: Gamification".
2) Of course, all such tasks go to list #Learning where I keep track on all my learning activities (I am not only on-line student but also real student =)
3) Than add tag #coursera or #udacity.
4) If date of course start is available - add it!
5) Priority. I use low because I used to use medium for assignments and high for exams.
6) Don't forget about URL! It can be very useful, for example, if you have courses like "Gamification" and "Game Theory" and you can not distinguish them =) So add hyperlink to course info page.
7) Also I add notes with course duration info and so on.

Why so hard for only starting date? If you are so learnaholic like me, you will enroll on dozens of courses. And for review all info of them make smart list with query "(tag:coursera or tag:udacity) and priority:3". May be you can include something more specific for your query - play with it!

Be learnaholic, be RTM-holic! And good luck for all coursera/udacity students.
Posted at 9:13am on August 21, 2012
aviskas says:
So, I started some courses and now I need a system to plan my assignments. Here, on this Tips & Tricks forum there are a lot of useful things how to manage this kind of task. I use import through e-mail, because there is bunch of repetetive strings like "1 quiz !2 #learning #coursera #gamigication ^...". So, my very little tip: I use auto-ordered-list function in e-mail and then only paste "quiz ... ^" and add date. May be it is very silly tip, but for me it is very common thing to make mistakes while ordering bunch of quizes =)
Posted 5 years ago
aviskase says:
Wow, it's was so long ago. I have been darting between numerous todo apps during these years, but in the end, I've returned to RTM.

And this tip still apply. The difference is that I don't have separate #Learning list. It's called now #Ego and encompass all self-development activities. Also I stopped adding platform specific tags like #coursera, because there are just too many of them. It's just #course tag only for starting day and "project" tags for everything else (like #gamification).
Posted 2 years ago
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